In this Guide, I want to share with you exactly (step-by-step) How to promote Fiverr gigs and increase your sales. What you will read now, allows you to build a real successful online business with freelancing and not only get some fast clients or orders on Fiverr. So Let’s Start!

The market within Fiverr: Look at your competitors, how do they present their products, who do they target? You will find, especially here on Fiverr; most of the time, sellers did not invest too much thought into their offer and they often just created a gig, put a cheap price on it, and target a very broad audience. Within every category here on Fiverr, there are only very few sellers truly being “successful”. These sellers tend to be rewarded by Fiverr and for you, maybe being new or inexperienced, it will be very tough to outrank your biggest competitor directly. We have to find another approach. So here we come to the first point of this guide:

Social media marketing.

Not all people know about Fiverr, but most of them heard about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and similar networks. Advertise your offers within your blog and in public groups to attract new customers.

Find your niche, determine your target group

For this example, I chose to use the field of graphic designer and you will probably agree, it is a very competitive and tough niche that is oversaturated here on Fiverr. Looking at your target group (as a designer), you will think that every business can potentially be your client. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a gig and have literally billions of customers? Nope. Don’t jump on that boat, it is likely to sink before you even get your first order.

To apply my method successfully, you want to narrow down your niche as much as possible. So for the first step we brainstorm, try to narrow down our target group and maybe go from “all businesses” to “start-ups and new businesses” and you will find, we reduce our audience but, it is still too large of a market. We could use tools now to narrow it down more but, I promised no investment, right?

So let’s jump right to Google and put in “new businesses” and also look at what Google suggests to you while typing. You will want to learn as much as you can about your market, in particular, you want to focus on problems and solutions. Again, if you are not a designer, just take this as an example but basically, narrow down the target group within your niche as much as you can. But back to our example. So what does a new business struggle with and what does it need to succeed? I just did some research and for our example, I found that the importance of branding a business is often underestimated. And guess what? As a graphic designer, we can offer part of the solution at least. If you do your research right, you will find a keyword that will narrow down your target group and for our example, I find “corporate identity” to be quite interesting.

Back to Fiverr we go and we put in “corporate identity” and will find a few successful sellers and good for us, they do not work for $5.00. You want to be competitive but, not underpriced and honestly, my own research suggests that every time I did go up with my pricing on Fiverr, I often later found an improved ranking. I don’t work on Fiverr that much and am literally charging hundreds of dollars per composed minute and even though this is completely over-priced here, my ranking has still improved. (note, I removed my gigs altogether for now) But back to this guide and our sample case. Corporate Identity and branding yourself as a new business seems to be a good niche, still somewhat broad but will do for now. We can go ahead and jump to:

Use Quora to promote gig on fiverr

This platform is not a typical social network you would join. Rather than blindly spamming your service on Fiverr (that will bring you nothing but bans), instead, try to help others with practical advice while recommending a place to find a perfect expert (that is you).

2. Down the rabbit hole, we go / Advanced Research

If you did your research right, by now you will understand your target group within a narrowed down niche. Now is the time to put your knowledge into action but DON’T create your gig just yet. Since you are a designer (if you are not able to create designs at all, outsource this part) create a profile picture for Fiverr, twitter, facebook & Instagram (don’t forget to design the banners for facebook and twitter). By the way, you do not necessarily need a profile on every social media, I myself just mainly use facebook and Instagram and it works just fine. But whatever platform you choose, you want your profiles to look as professional as possible and avoid adding spammy content such as “cheapest freelancer”, “fastest service” or whatever could possibly indicate a low-quality service. Don’t forget you need to establish trust and authority, you don’t want to be the cheap guy for quick jobs around the corner. Make it classy and be creative and then upload some content to each platform showcasing your skills. Only take your best examples and if you do not have enough, create more just to have them on your profiles. Trust me, it will be worth it and if you follow my step below, lots of people are going to see and interact with your social media.

  • Forum boards. If you have thought that forums are dead today, you are seriously wrong. A lot of people seek help there. So, your assistance can be extremely valuable and profitable if you declare yourself correctly.
  • Search engine optimisation. If you try seeking Fiverr help on Google, you will see how top-producing users are at the top of the list. Partly, it is thanks to their quality job. But the usage of the right description layout is no less integral.
  • Video advertising. Apart from regular social networks, YouTube is another excellent platform to promote your gigs. Visual advertising works 70% better than text. And considering the audience of YouTube, potential clients are likely to notice your propositions.

Once you have your social media profiles up and running, try getting a few likes, followers, subs, and tweets, basically, get some love, this is actually very easy. Just interact with active profiles, like their posts, leave a comment – DON’T SPAM and in most cases, you will find they will return their love if, your social media looks professional. You do not need many interactions. Don’t waste your time hunting for likes and comments as you just need a few to begin with.

Now it is time to search for your narrowed down audience within social-media platforms and only focus on small to medium-sized groups/profiles that have an active following (in our sample case we look for groups about corporate identity, business start up’s and groups around “new business owners”. Look at their posts. Do they in average receive engagements that seem legitimate, or does it look like a fake profile or group?

In total, you should contact 15-20 good group/profile owners and basically, think this through and let the owner know you are a professional, and your focus is to help and provide a solution to the group/following. DON’T ask them for any help directly and DON’T share any links or anything that indicates you just want to sell. Tell the owner what you do and ask him/her for his/her opinion as to what the group would most benefit from. Make him/her feel proud about being an owner of that group and give him/her the chance to feel good by stepping up and showcasing his/her knowledge about his/her group. You will be surprised at what happens next.

Be prepared to read A LOT. But most importantly, take every response seriously, they often know best about “their” niche. Try to think about how to put your offer possibly as a “package” while considering their input. If you skip this step; chances are, you will just offer a service based upon a cliche and make the chance higher of failing to properly target the niche altogether. Take your time and do this. Once you have enough data, go ahead and:


The #1 rule of selling on Fiverr is simple: Be awesome and deliver a great product. Every client you meet will want pure awesome sauce every time, and if you’re not giving that, they’ll go somewhere else. There’s plenty of room for mediocre sellers on Fiverr, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to be real, really good at what you do.

Generally speaking, though, this rule is dominant in any sales environment. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got a brick-and-mortar store, you’re working for somebody else, you’re selling via your own website, or you’re selling via Fiverr: quality products and services can speak for themselves and can overcome a lot of other shortfalls.

If you’re not really, really good at what you do, then you really, really need to get better. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sell on Fiverr, but it does mean that you should be actively and consistently engaged in a process of self-improvement to raise the quality of your offerings.


3. Create your gig TAILORED to your niche

That was pretty exhausting hmm? I know there is much to take in while researching, going through the responses from the owners and by now, you’re probably already many hours into this but, hang on, we are almost there.

Now it is time to brainstorm. TAKE ALL OF THE INFORMATION you’ve acquired up to now and create your gig accordingly. You want to establish trust and authority and your gig should be precisely targeted to your niche. I myself am very terrible with videos but, if you can create a video (and also here demonstrate that you know your business) to help show that you understand your niche and provide a SOLUTION, it will help your gig. It goes without saying that your Fiverr title, description, and tags should match accordingly.


If you’re getting no orders, don’t fall into the trap of trolling other sellers’ reviews and trying to contact their clients. Not only is this spam, and not only is this against Fiverr’s terms of service (and can get you removed from Fiverr), but this is also a really fast way to get blocked and reported by the very people you want to do business with. I genuinely understand the frustration of wanting to earn an income and not being able to connect with clients, but sending spam email on the Fiverr message system is not a solution. Don’t do it.


4. Marketing

So here we are, we did some extensive research, created our social media presence, reached out for owners to have valuable input and created our gig accordingly.

Marketing is crucial and it can make or break your business. Don’t go for paid ads just yet, you need to have a decent following and authority first. But get back to the owners, thank them for their help and kindly ask them to look over your gig and if you have a very targeted gig, possibly a video and did your job right, chances are they will post about you. Some will ask for promotional fees, it is up to you to decide how much you are willing to spend (if at all) but, in my experience, you can always ask for a test run to see if the group or following will react properly to your service. Note, the size of the group does not always matter much because it is more about engagement within the group. I had much more conversions with a very engaged 10k group when, compared to a 50k group that, was barely responding at all.

So basically you use them as influencers and it can easily happen that they convert much better than paid ads altogether. Especially if, you have narrowed down your audience enough and provided tailored solutions. Rinse and repeat, start from scratch with your market research, find a different aspect of your niche, contact more influencers, be part of their group and offer value – this is a manual process but well worth it.

5. Advanced Marketing

Well, up to now it has been all a manual process. If you are ready to invest a little bit of money into your business, I highly recommend automating your social media profiles. There are many tools out there that work quite well. They are affordable and they will auto-like, comment, and follow targeted users within your niche, resulting in your social media presence gradually growing nicely. Never EVER include any link, spammy content, or anything suspicious as an automated task. You want people to appreciate you and look up your profile where they will find your link.

Once you have a nice following, you may look into paid ads but, keep in mind, it is very unlikely to achieve a profitable ROI immediately as you are basically buying data to start with. You want to look at which audience responds best to your ads. I suggest not going that route altogether because to do this on a much more promising level, it would require you to have a domain, host and landing page with some ad tracking setup and at that time, I do not see so many reasons to forward any personal business traffic to Fiverr, to begin with. Just know, if you go that route of creating your own website, you will be much more flexible but, if you have no experience you may have to LEARN a lot about keyword research, ranking within search engines, among so many other things, soi don’t really recommend this unless you already have experience.


The Fiverr forum is an odd place, but there’s a lot of great stuff and smart people here if you can sift through the rubbish. If you need to talk to customer support, then you have to create a ticket for that with them, but the community (such as we are) have a lot of knowledge and experience if you can find it. If you don’t see it, ask a question – you’ll probably get a good answer.

There are many people in the forum asking for help but I wrote this guide for Fiverr freelancers that are actually willing to work, invest time and build up their Fiverr authority vs someone expecting to be simply handed orders… However, the case be, good luck to you!


Run your Own Services Site.

If you follow the strategies mentioned int this article, believe me you will start getting client from the first week. then you will have your own followers and audience.

In this case, you may move to your own platform instead of using Fiver or Any other Freelancing site.