As the recognition of your hard work, the highest level you can achieve on Fiverr is the top rated seller.  Fiverr’s editorial team goes through your profile manually and observes everything you did throughout the last 60 days. If everything satisfies the team, it will award you a TRS level badge. Here I’ve come up with fiverr top rated seller requirements which you’ll need to fullfil.


1. Complete at least 180 days as an active Seller on Fiverr

This is one of the easiest and already achieved requirements of fiverr top rated seller badge. This is called seniority requirements.

You won’t be eligible for this level if you are not 180 days old seller on this platform. Fortunately, it won’t be a big barrier for you. Many sellers can’t get a level one badge within this period.


2. Deliver a total of 100 orders

You’ll need to complete at least 100 individual orders (all time). You can see the total number of orders from the “Orders” tab on your profile menu.



3. Earned $20000 in total

Earning milestones is one of the requirements of top rated sellers. The amount is $20,000. If you earn 400, you’ll get level one and when it’s $2000 and meets other requirements, you’ll get a level two seller badge.


4. Maintain a 4.8-star rating over the course of 60 days

Even though 5-star rating is one of the most desired ratings all the time, Fiverr accepts 4.8-star rating throughout the last 60 days as the requirement of top rated seller.


5. 90% Response rate over the course of 60 days

You need to understand the response rate. Suppose you’ve got 100 inquiry message from 100 buyers. Rate will be calculated based on the inquiries you replied to.

If you reply to all 100 inquiries, your rate is 100. If not, replace the number with the inquiries you replied to.

If it’s 50, your rate is going to be 50%. So over the course of 60 days you must reply to 90% of inquiries.


6. 90% Order completion, on-time delivery over the course of 60 days

There are a lot of goodies that come with climbing up the Fiverr Level rank. But it can also become a can of worms at some point (a good problem to deal with, supposedly).

If you’re new on Fiverr, you might be feeling like it’s not so hard to complete 90% of your orders and deliver them on time.

However, once you get to level 2, a lot of things start to change.   When a lot of orders start to fly in; even misplaced orders.   Some non-native English speakers may not properly read your gig description and end up placing a basic order for a premium job description.

As a result of all that, order cancellation may become almost inevitable.   You may have to contact support to get things resolved. But unfortunately, Fiverr support can sometimes be a pain in the ass.

If you took note of all the benefits that come with level promotion, then you’d know that you start getting priority support from Fiverr when you get to Level 2.

How about if you’re in level 1 and something like that happens?   This is where you need some good fortune. You must hope to never get clients that order the wrong Gig plan that may require cancellation.

Final thoughts

Fiverr top rated sellers enjoy a lot of benefits along with their level rank.

They most times get featured on the first page of their respective subcategories.

However, becoming a top rated seller on Fiverr is no easy feat — remaining one is no less difficult.

Above mentioned requirements are requirements you need to fulfill to get a fiverr top rated seller level.