The best way to increase sales on Fiverr is by creating a great portfolio.

The more you provide, the more likely customers are to find something they need from you. Keep your portfolio focused on a specific genre or niche like comic covers, logos, novelty graphics, etc.


Here are some tips that can help you increase your sales on fiverr

1. Offer Something Unique

There are a lot of gigs on Fiverr, and there are a lot of variations on the same concepts over and over.

Tshirt Design Example

For example, say you want a video intro for a YouTube video. Check out Fiverr and you see dozens of them, mostly running some set of basic templates they plug your logo into. To compete with all of the existing level 2 or level T sellers, you’ll need to do something much more unique. You’ll need to make your own templates, or offer something in addition to just the intro video, or add extras for customization options.


2. Provide Value That Is Surprising

Fiverr gigs start at $5, with optional extras that allow you to charge more for each customer. These upsells are, for the most part, how you’ll get a solid return on your investment. You shouldn’t, however, put all of your quality on hold because of these upsells. You must have enough value in your base gig to let clients to trust you enough to buy from you.

The same goes for any industry and any niche. You need to find a unique selling point, something few if any others are doing, something you can do well and something you can produce at a higher quality than the existing sellers. You won’t stand out if you don’t have something unique going for you and the quality to back it up.


3. Offer extras and upsells to increase sales on Fiverr

Even though the service is ostensibly focused around the $5 transaction, upsells account for a significant portion of the value people get from Fiverr. Instead of simply $5 every sale, you may make $30, $50, or even more with upsells. Upsells should ideally be targeted at individual users rather than being general add-ons. Consider customizing choices rather than “you must have this up.”


4. Offer money-back guarantee to increase sales on Fiverr

Offer money-back guarantees in your gigs. Download badges by simply Googling “Money back guarantee badges“ and add them to your Fiverr gig description and/or photos. Yes, you can use the money-back guarantee badges in gig images.


5. Provide your services quickly!

Be fast. For your first gig, sell the services which you can provide faster (1–2 days gig)! After you did that, provide your services fast to your customers. It can transform buyers into clients. In this way, you can get more orders on your gigs. Be fast and earn fast.