What’s up guys. I’m here to show how some Fiverr jobs for beginners and how you can make money. suppose you want to make money by uploading videos on youtube in that case you need a good microphone and a good voice of course for YouTube. you would need at least some experience and you know what you’re talking about and so on. But don’t worry if you don’t have anything of that there’s still plenty of ways that you can make money today I’m going to show you so let’s dive right into it.

#1 fiverr jobs for beginners: Background Removing

There is a problem. you have a photo but you need the background removed some people have no technical understanding that you can apply when you don’t have that understanding. What you have is www.remove.bg.  it’s a website that offers that exact service. You can see people are actively searching for this and if you can operate the website you can make money. 

Best fiverr jobs for beginners you never knew removing background gig

fiverr jobs for beginners removing background gig


So go to the website upload your photo, remove the background, download it and deliver it to clients.


#2 fiverr jobs for beginners: Fill Up Online Surveys

Businesses, researchers, and government agencies use surveys to understand their customers and constituents better. This often requires acquiring real-time survey results very fast. That’s where survey sites come in.

You can register yourself as a survey taker and earn anywhere from$1-$3 per form from these websites. However, be warned taking online surveys might be a quick way to earn money; it will not make you rich. Treat this opportunity as more of a side hustle in addition to your current job or one of many side hustles you could be doing online.


#3 fiverr jobs for beginners: providing in depth SEO report

If you go into fiverr and search for SEO as an example you will find a lot of people offering this services and some offering just an in depth report about a website to show them what’s wrong in their websites and help them rank on search engines. So what is SEO? it stands for search engine optimization and it’s a technique to optimize your website so you can rank on Google or any search engine and get free organic traffic from search engines. How you can provide in depth report of any website if you have no knowledge. Simply use this seoanalyzer.me website, paste website link in the search box and click on review.

Best fiverr jobs for beginners you never knew seo analyzer

Once you publish this service gig on Fiverr and when someone asks you for this report, you just get into this website and get in depth detailed report that tells what’s wrong on the website so that person can get help in optimizing his website for SEO.


#4 fiverr jobs for beginners: Get paid to test websites

Web designers often use focus groups to test the functionality of their websites. If you can follow simple instructions and navigate through a website, then website testing can be for you.

But before you begin, here is what to expect:

Web designers design websites for general people like you and me and want to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the website. Also, thanks to advanced testing tools, designers can also study your behavior to find out how they can maximize clicks (and sales) by changing certain elements with in the website. So it is only natural that companies and designers pay their target audience to test out their website.


Ideas are simple, requires no skill zero knowledge. You can start working today on fiverr or any other freelancing website as a freelancer online and make money. I wish you the best. Do not forget to read book everyday and more blog and change your life