No doubt competition on Fiverr now is very high and it’s difficult to stand out in a very big freelancer audience. As an old Fiverr freelancer I always try to provide extra service to my customers for long-term relationships. if you find out 4–5 such customers then you don’t need to worry about the orders as they can give you monthly basis work. Read on to stand out from the competition.


Develop some skills


It does not matter what type of skill. Just visit the site, check out what skills other people are currently selling and start from there. You don’t have to be the best in the world in such a skill. Just start, get out there and keep pushing.


Spirit to win.


No spirit, no success. I taught several people how to freelance and while many have gone on to make tens and hundreds of thousands, some never even made it past the first order because there was no spirit to win. They felt it would be hard to stand out. Or just want to make 1000USD from their very first order. I charged $5 for my first order and did a 10-page research work for it. While I do not advise people to slave, I advise starting from somewhere before aiming for the megabucks.


Visit the buyer requests section and send regularly


This is one of the best ways to get discovered as a freelancer on Fiverr. Instead of waiting for the buyers to come to you, what if you go to them? The Buyer Request section is where you find buyers list their needs and requirements. You can bid for the jobs by writing a streamlined proposal for the request you find relevant. It is easy to win in this category because most of the sellers with many reviews are probably too busy with their past and new clients or have made so much money they no longer have to go to the Buyer Request section. Hence, there is a very high chance you are slugging it out with newbies like you. This is a great advantage in that most newbies do not know how to bid for jobs and often send templated bids that are copied and pasted for every client. You can easily win by writing a streamlined proposal explaining why you are the best for the job and sometimes bidding a lower price than what the buyer asked for. The best part is you can send 10 buyer requests daily. If you send 10 daily, and even if half of the buyers visit your profile, the views and clicks you get to your profile will help in your ranking compared to someone who did not send this at all and is waiting for customers to come.


Always be online


Fiverr rewards sellers that are regularly online as Fiverr themselves don’t make money if Freelancers don’t.

Buy courses if you can or at least watch Youtube videos. It cuts your learning curve and saves you time to discover things on your own.


Keep improving your skills


This, specifically, will guarantee your success wherever you are, Fiverr or not, online or offline. The more skills you have, the easier you can succeed as you can pitch your services to anyone, anywhere in the world.

These are just the basics. If you have this covered, you are well on your way to hitting it big via freelancing. I hope this helps.