In case of choosing no brand clothing manufacturer, it’s always advisable to visit the factory in person.

If you’ve never visited a factory, you may not have a clear idea of how the industry is working.

I suppose you already visited some factories and now stuck to choose the best one.

So, you know where to manufacture, you’ve approached some factories, heard their sales pitch, seen the shiny brochure, felt a few garments which were sort of what you wanted but not really what you were looking for, and now it’s crunch time.

Which one do you pick?

Here are 4 tips for picking the NO BRAND CLOTHING MANUFACTURER to get the best product.


What are the main products of the factory you are studying?

If the clothing item you are going to make is as same as the factory’s main products, then give them a star or point to stay ahead of the competition.

There are special machines for doing certain tasks and not all factories will have access to them.

So, pick factories that specialize in your product. If you are making jeans then make sure your garment manufacturing unit makes jeans and understands denim.

If you are doing T-shirts, then you need a factory that understands knitted fabric.

Those who make everything are not a specialist. 


Now you need to inspect a few garments to focus on quality.

If you can possibly get to the factory and check it out completely to see what standards are like and the garments on the production line, then that is far better, but this is not always possible.

At the very least you need to see some garments to compare the quality

A factory should be happy to send you some.

Make sure you ask for 3 or 4 different items to compare and ask for samples as close to your products as possible.

During this part, you should really take some time to inspect them properly.

Keep in mind that they will always send you their best stuff and you’ll never see the worst items but there are a few specific things you can check for.



This is the first thing; the no brand clothing manufacturer will ask.

Study the market, have a sales forecast, and determine the estimated quantity. Smaller or bigger, this will affect the price of each clothing factory and where you are placed on their “importance” list.

At the lower end of the scale, you will have to round-up to the nearest 100 pieces for factories on the larger side and the nearest 20 for small domestic ones.

Your number will also narrow down your search as many will not consider orders less than 500 pieces.

It’s important to remember that the number of pieces is per style, not in total for all styles.

It will be the total number of garments that you need across all sizes and colors for one design, but it will definitely help you to mention how many styles you might give them so they know how much volume you have in total.


Most important thing you are going to do is having a sales contract with the no brand clothing manufacturer.

Each factory or manufacturer will expect money at different stages of production. Some will be when the products are delivered, but this is not usually applicable to small-sized orders.

Better is having everything discussed in the form of a sales contract prior to confirming the order.

You have to be comfortable with their payment terms.

Don’t forget that you can negotiate these, but to do so you need to have clear policies in place and understand the options available at the same time.


It’s less important to worry about the fabric quality so much when looking at the samples.

When the order is confirmed the fabric choice will be yours as the designer and you will have to approve it, so the samples you are looking at have been approved by other buyers for their own needs.

You’ll also have to ignore color and design if you can.

Again, these are products that have been created for someone else’s purpose so regardless of what it looks like, you must concentrate on the details of sewing, finishing the t shirt makeup, professionalism and workmanship.