Why am I not getting orders on Fiverr

Here’s why you’re not getting orders on Fiverr:

Difficulty with English If I’m a native English speaker, I’m just not going to hire you for anything that requires English ability. You say in your gig:

  • “I am delivering a top quality working with 100% accuracy.”
  • “I have worked 200+ projects in other marketplace. So don’t confuse about my skills.”
  • “Before Ordering,Please contact me and brief your task details”

Your pricing doesn’t make sense. $5 for 2 hours—that’s $2.50 per hour. $30 for 10 hours—that’s $3 per hour. $130 for 30 hours. That’s $4.33 per hour. The larger the order, the more you’re charging per hour. That’s not attractive pricing.

You’ve written your gig about yourself, not about the customer’s needs. Your gig is filled with “I, I, I.” “I am excited to work with you!” “I am highly interested and waiting for your response.” “ I’m new on Fiverr, But I have over 5 years experience in the freelance career.” Instead, explain the benefits to a potential buyer. The only place you try to do this is in your headline: “I Will Be A VA To Your Business Growth.” But that’s not very clear, and it’s in poor English.


  • Clean up the English.
  • Develop a pricing program that makes sense.
  • Most important, refocus your copy to explain the benefits to a buyer.


Don’t send an offer after the 10th offer has been sent

After the tenth offer has been sent, don’t send another: Be careful to target the first ten slots when sending your bids. Buyers are unlikely to read past the tenth offer, thus reduces your chances of being hired and wastes your offer because you are only limited to 10 every day.


Do not overprice yourself

Because Fiverr is such a competitive platform, the cheaper your bid, the more likely you are to win the auction. This does not imply that you should underbid yourself, as this could indicate that you are unaware of the scope of the work. Bid the amount that is appropriate for the job.


Use the relevant tags

When creating your Fiverr gig, you’ll notice that you’re requested to add tags near the bottom of the first page. Tags are what enable people to find your gig. They are the keyword phrases that customers can use to find your gig. Simply search for your gig and view the first ten gigs that show on the front page if you want to know what tags to use. Copy and paste the tags from the first four gigs into your tag list. Your gig will appear on the first page when those gigs are searched.