Some surprising facts about Fiverr that freelancers don’t know

What is perhaps the most impressive is that they first launched the service in 2010. Within two years they were hosting more than 1.3 million gigs through their site. The volume of transactions that are conducted on the site has grown by 600% between 2012 and now.

Fiverr had an interesting beginning

The two founders of Fiverr are Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. It was Wininger who developed the original concept for a marketplace that would offer a dual-sided platform for buying and selling digital services. It was really brilliant when you think about it. Fiverr is paid for the workers who register to offer their services on the site and they receive fees for allowing them to advertise on the site. They also make profits from customers who use the services through their registration. It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved and especially for Fiverr. Incidentally, they refer to each service provided as a “gig.”


Amazon sued Fiverr filed legal action against Fiverr in October of 2015. There were claims made against more than 1,100 Fiverr sellers for posting fake reviews on the United States version of the website. Amazon makes every attempt to keep their reviews factual and true and these were actions that violated their terms of use and making these kinds of fake claims are actually fraudulent. Fiverr didn’t deny any of the allegations that Amazon made so we’re assuming that they were true.


The Better Business Bureau is not a fan of Fiverr

The Better Business Bureau in New York does a great job of rating businesses with a one to five-star rating scale and letting the public know if they are a reputable and trusted resource. The rating that they gave Fiverr couldn’t have been lower. They gave Fiverr an “F” rating which is a huge red flag that tells consumers it’s probably a business that you should avoid dealing with. The one-star rating that they received is the lowest you can get. They also show a 93% rate of negative reviews from consumers on the BBB website.


Fiverr is headquartered in Tel Aviv

The main headquarters for Fiverr is in Tel Aviv, Israel. The popular freelancing site was founded in 2010 and has only been in operation for less than a decade. The official owner of the company is Fiverr International Limited and they operate from the website

You can offer services on Fiverr and still chill a lot, that’s you taking Fiverr as a side-hustle that earns you transport money and feeding fees.