Best freelance remote jobs for college students.

College students are notoriously busy juggling classes, internships, jobs, health, and social life. With so much going on, it’s important to have supreme flexibility, which is why being a freelancer is the perfect job for college students.

In an effort to help you enjoy some of the same benefits, I’ve put together a list of the best remote jobs for college students. You don’t need a degree to get any of these jobs, and you already have the skills to do many of them (or can learn the skills in a few afternoons).


Writing Academic Essays


As a college student, you’ll often have to write essays for your assignments and projects. But did you know that you can also earn money writing essays?

There are many online platforms and websites you can join to find essay writing jobs. These are straightforward work where you simply have to write essays for other people.

Edubirdie is one of the most popular and reputable platforms that allows anyone to hire essay writers. You can also join the platform as a writer and earn money on the side.

Edubirdie has a very strict process for accepting writers but if you’re good at writing, it won’t be too difficult to join the site. You can read more about the hiring process here.


Writing Blog posts


Writing blog posts can be the best freelance remote jobs for college students. If you can write essays you can also write articles for blogs, news websites, magazines, and various online publications.

There are sites that pay quite well for writing great blog posts. Some will pay you over $100 per article.

Whether you’re good at writing about lifestyle, marketing, social media, or anything in between, there are plenty of blogs you can apply to write for. Try this list and find a site that fits your skills.


Graphic Designing

If you’re interested in graphic design, getting a job as a freelance graphic designer can be a great way to broaden your skills. College is the perfect time to grow your skillset and build your resume. By tackling freelance graphic design projects, you can dabble in a multitude of styles and fine-tune your design services. Each project you complete allows you to grow your portfolio of work. The stronger your portfolio is, the better chances you have of acquiring a job of your choice after (or during!) college.


Social Media Manager

If you are well-versed in the social media universe and love creating content, interacting with followers, and composing a consistent social media posting calendar, becoming a freelance social media manager may be a perfect fit for you. With social media being so prevalent for businesses and influencers, there is a great need for people who can manage and grow multiple social media platforms.


Selling Courses Online


Teaching an online course or a class is another great way to earn money. A great thing about this job is that you don’t have to work every day.

Sites like Udemy and Skillshare allow you to create your own online courses and upload them to the platform. Then the platform will do the marketing to find an audience for your course.

It’s an effective way to have a passive income stream as well.


Freelance Web Developer


Web development is a field that continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. If you have the skills to build a website, you can start charging someone for it today.

You don’t even need advanced skills — being able to build a basic WordPress site is enough for many projects. And if you do have more advanced web development abilities, then you can earn a very healthy side income.


Online Surveys

If you want a way to make a few extra bucks in your spare time, then online surveys are a great method. They require no skills except the ability to use the internet.

And while you won’t get rich taking surveys, they can provide a more productive way to spend random moments between classes.

What it pays:

  • Most surveys pay between $1 and $3 each.
  • Surveys usually take a few minutes to complete, and you’re often limited to a certain number per day
  • So in effect, you’re looking at some extra spending money, not replacing your income.
  • Also, know that many survey sites have a minimum payout amount. For instance, Survey Junkie requires you to have $10 in your account before you can cash it out.

How to get the job:

  • First, sign up for a survey site such as Survey Junkie.
  • Next, answer a few questions about yourself.
  • You’ll then be eligible to start taking surveys.


Virtual Assistant

Get paid to use the organization and communication skills you’ve developed to stay on top of schoolwork, classes and extracurriculars.

VA gigs vary in pay, hours and the actual work. You might help people and businesses with data entry, social media management, website maintenance, research and customer service.

With more and more professionals diving into freelance jobs and self-employment, these positions are increasingly in demand.


Final Thoughts

There are lots of other jobs and methods you can use to earn money as a student. It’s only a single tap or a click away. All you have to do is search for it.

The websites and platforms I’ve mentioned in this article are merely suggestions. Feel free to explore on your own and find sites that fit your needs.