I am assuming you have already done your market research, business plan, and all legal process. Now you’re ready to roll. So I am starting from here. I’m assuming you have enough funds to buy samples or finance the production.

I’m assuming you have already decided which niche you’re going to choose to sell. Like men, women, kids, knit products, outerwear products whatever you want to sell you will have to follow the following steps. In this post, I will walk you through a guideline for importing clothing from Bangladesh. 


Plan your fabric

First of all, you have to get your plan on fabric ready. In this stage you have to plan your fabrication what kind of fabric do you want to use in your product is it going to be 100% cotton, 100% polyester, 50% cotton 50% polyester, CVC, nylon, bamboo cotton, or anything you else you have to plan them in this stage.



Get your design ready

Fabrication is done. Now you have to think about the design are you going to dye or print. If you want to add any embroidery, you will have to plan all these things at this stage? Is it going to be a screen print, sublimation print, is it going to be an all-over print is it going to be a Rotary print or a digital print. You will have to decide at this stage. The process will be determined based on the colors. If your clothing has only one color you can just dye it as solid. in this case, the full-body will have only one color. when you want to have a different color on the fabric ground and other designs motive on the chest or on the back you will have to choose a printing method.

If there are lots of complex colors or a blend of colors you have to choose the digital print. but in case of fewer colors like two or three four five colors you can take screen prints. For Jersey fabrics with polyester fiber, choose a sublimation print method. Regarding the embroidery, you can take your logo as embroidered. Suppose you are going to manufacture T-shirts polo shirts or sweatshirts you can have your logo embroidered on the left top chest. This should have been designed. Get your designs done at $5 from fiverr. For free designs, you check out freepik



Plan trims and accessories

What kind of trims and accessories do you want to add to your product like hangtag, care label, brand label, string, size label, additional button, zipper, bar code you’ll have to plan here in this state. Packaging what if you want to have a packaging polybag with your logo printed or any instructions, any information about your company, any photo picture of the product you have to get them planned.


Get your tech pack ready

A combination of all of the above information is called a tech pack. After planning all these technical factors you will have to prepare the tech pack And forward it to the manufacturer. this is the first thing a supplier will need from you before they offer any price.


Get your size chart ready

Now you have to prepare your size chart with details measurements of your product. Manufacturers will follow this chart to cut and sew your T-shirts polo shirts sweatshirts hoodies or anything you want. You’ll have to mention very detailed parts of the body like sleeve length, sleeve bicep width, body length, chest width. Neck opening. what would be the hem of the sleeve? bottom hem size? all this information will be mentioned in the size chart.


Find a manufacturer

Finding a manufacturer is not an easy task. But if it’s from Bangladesh it’s already a fun because you are already reading the guideline of a manufacturer. We are Shadow Clothings who manufacture T-shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies, tank top,s and so on. So you can directly get in touch with us if you need this kind of product. but if you don’t need this you have to go to Google and search for your manufacturers or you can get into Alibaba. There are lots of manufacturers. Not just your clothing item you will find manufacturers for all of your products


Get a sample

Try sample at first. Don’t place the order without taking a sample from them if you want to import clothing from Bangladesh, or from Shadow Clothings you will get a sample first. After checking the sample if quality seems aligned with your expectation you can proceed with the bulk. In the case of other manufacturers do this same too. Because this sample will tell what quality you are going to get in the bulk production. Moreover, it will eliminate the scammers on the internet. When you are about to import clothing from Bangladesh you might find a lot of online scammers who can misuse your trust. So once you get a sample you are assured that there is an existence of the business. The manufacturer asks for a sample charge. don’t bother about it.   will have to take a little risk. Pay the sample charge.


Bulk production

Now it’s time to produce in bulk. when you get the sample if everything seems ok you have to approve it. once you approve the manufacturer goes for bulk production in the sampling stage if anything does not look like a good quality or anything you want to change you can give them your feedback. So they can amend the final product. 


Payment procedure

Do not pay the full amount of money before production. The maximum you will pay is 50% of the total order value. Rest of the 50% will be paid after production and before shipment. However, there are plenty of more payment terms and conditions. You can buy in credit as well. Pay after 60 days 90 days and 20 days. This is possible only when you acquired a good relationship with a manufacturer. In the case of importing clothing from Bangladesh, you will be able to enjoy this facility as well.


Know the technical terms

If you are new to this industry you will hear a lot of new words that you should get introduced to. like artwork, tech pack, size chart, design file, CAD, packing list, invoice, log file, TNA, and many more. Have some study on google and youtube.

So this is enough for today. We can share more details guidelines in person. If this article is not enough for you to know about how to improve clothing from Bangladesh or from Shadow clothings send us a message from the right side bottom corner WhatsApp button. You will get a very quick response. Don’t have to buy from us we will be happy to have a small discussion without any expectations. It doesn’t matter you are taking from us or not we will love talking and showing pathways.


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