How to write the best proposal for Fiverr buyer requests?


The most important thing to do when responding to a Buyer Request on Fiverr, is to respond to the buyer posting the request. Be personaable. Be honest. Address the buyer and his/her request directly. Address his/her needs, and offer to solve those needs.


You are LITERALLY contacting them directly and TELLING them why you are better than the rest, why he or she should choose you.

I also got my first client from the Buyer Request section, and from then onward I’ve never stopped using it.

I’ll number the most important points and lessons for you so that its easier for you to understand:

You get to send 10 Requests every day. So that’s 300 Requests every month. Wow, that’s a lot. Now understand that, out of all those buyers, there has to be at least ONE that finds you impressive.

To send that impressive Request, you need to stand out from the rest. Try my personal technique: Always start with a hook. This can be something unique such as “I have just finished another order and…” This shows the buyer you are experiencing without directly telling them, and it also creates scarcity.

1. Don’t start with a story

Unless it’s very interesting. Most buyers are flooded with requests and won’t bother reading it.

2. Don’t waste your time on a post that has at least 15+ requests.

Most probably the buyer has already chosen a seller or will not bother to see you request (as a buyer, I can assure you this)

THE ONLY REASON the buyer bothered to post this is because, he or she requires something Unique or Customized (for example, urgent delivery or a collection of tasks). Explain to the buyer why and how you can provide that Value. Remember, you get money for providing Value to the buyer. An example for further clarification: A Buyer once posted that he needs someone who can write a 5 min script YouTube script for him. I was the first to respond and I wrote to him as follows:

“Before you get flooded with requests, you should know that I will provide qualitative and quantitative value to you if you make the decision to purchase my gig. The requirements that you provided match my skills and I have extensive expertise when it comes to Scriptwriting for YouTube videos. Don’t trust me, trust the 5-star reviews on my profile”

3. Don’t use templates

Lastly, I’ve found many sellers copy-pasting the same answers 10 times a day. Even though it might be applicable sometimes, most of the time it’s a horrible idea. Listen, the buyers want requests that are tailored to their needs, not a generic answer or a sad story. If he or she wants a logo for a pharmaceutical company, you tell him or her how you can provide the best logo for his pharmaceutical company.

4. Use adjectives as much as possible

BONUS TIP: As a creative content writer, I understand how hard it can be for newcomers to be persuasive. I’d suggest you use as many adjectives as possible (it makes your request more persuasive), such as using, instead of “I will” write “I strongly believe I will”, instead of “you will get communication and drafts” write “You will be continuously bombarded with communication and qualitative drafts”


Learning how to write a great offer to a buyer’s request is something you will have to experiment with and learn on your own. It isn’t something that can be taught. It is something that must be experienced, experimented with, and learned through trial and error.

Find what works for you, what appeals to each buyer, and go from there.