Those who are going to kick off the streetwear clothing retail business with their own private label, getting the products manufactured in Bangladesh would be the best option undoubtedly.

To do so, you need to know to find apparel manufacturers for private label clothing. 

Bangladesh is the 2nd largest apparel manufacturer and exporter in the world after China. With growing labor costs, China is facing difficulties to survive in this private label clothing manufacturing industry. Moreover, the government of the country is trying to move to other techy industries. As a result, very soon clothing industry is not going to live in this country. So, for a better future, Bangladesh is the best option. 

Search on Google

use strategic keywords to find the factories. There are lots of factories that are present on the web. So if you can do a search properly, you may find a good factory. Here are some keywords you may use to search: 



Get into B2B sites

another option is looking into different b2b sites. Alibaba is the most renowned for this. It has lots of registered gold suppliers who are selling their customization services. You can find a Bangladeshi factory on that site as well. There are some other b2b also Factories are available on that site as well. 


Visit tradeshow

In USA there you will find many trade shows hosted where factories from all over the world gather there and showcase their latest technology. So, have a visit there and talk to the factory directly. See their works. If you like anyone, continue to build a relationship.

Moreover, there are some other b2b sites those who have arrangement of both buyers and factories. You can get registered there. 


So, now you got the factory.


You need to know some key points to deal with garment manufacturers overseas. I will advise physically visit the factory, discuss with them in the face-to-face meeting.

This will eliminate being cheated. This is possible only if you have contact with any factory. But what if you don’t’ have any? Read this article to know how to find it. Let me give you some tips to consider how to deal with them. 

Send your inquiry to the factory with all required specifications. Ask them to quote. Know their MOQ and payment terms and conditions. You may not have everything disciplined professionally, seek their help to organize things if you are doing it for the first time.

Before quoting they may want to know details about the requirement of products like, what material they should use, any print/embroidery/custom color fabric required or not, what accessories you may need, what would be instructions for packaging. Study other brands how they are organizing the product spec, prepare one for you, send it to the factory. 


Buy a sample first

Don’t place the order on the first day of your work. Check out their quality. Ask them to make a sample with the custom requirements. After seeing the output, if you are happy, then, proceed on to confirming the order. Factory may charge for the sample. Pay that specific small amount for that. Maximum factories refund the sample charge once you place the order. 


Develop a good relationship

the relationship is the base of business and base of trust. Try to talk to the factory very often, rather than texting or email. Share your business goals and how the factory may help you reach there. Factory may share the ideas what other customers of them are doing. 


Accept misunderstanding

at the very first, you may have some misunderstanding with the factory. Seem like, you instructed to do one thing, they may misunderstand and do another thing. But, if you could make a deal, later on, everything will go smoothly as the factory will understand all your way of work and what you mean.